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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 9:21 am    Post subject: You can't please everyone Reply with quote

Just read an interesting blog post by Raph Koster: Do auction houses suck?

He talks about emergent gameplay from crafting systems, and the resulting player-driven economy - hardly new topics in the mud community, but people usually only talk about the positive, while Raph gives a more balanced view. In particular:

The lesson here is that sometimes features that make things better for one player make them dramatically worse for another. Every time you make a design choice you are closing as many doors as you open. In particular, you should always say to yourself,

"Iím adding this feature for player convenience. How many people live for the play that this inconvenience affords?"

The same reasoning extends to any feature, of course. Common advice to someone starting up a mud is that "you can't please everyone", but sometimes it's interesting to think back over features I take for granted, particularly ones that cause occasional complaints, and wonder what the mud would be like had I done things differently.

And the answer, I suspect, is that the mud would be pretty different - but that there would still be the same number of complaints.
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