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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 5:33 pm    Post subject: Re: Enchantments: Reply with quote

One solution to the sit-n-hoard philosophy of gameplay is to make sure all enchantments (or at least the "best" subsets of enchantments) are both challenging to make and temporary. "Temporary" can mean a lot of things. On our game, equipment destruction is simple, and player-vs.-player combat is frequent. The net result is that equipment is fluid and temporary-- it's not really worth investing large amounts of resources into obtaining equipment that can be stolen, destroyed, etc. (Newer players tend to get upset about this, but veterans know that great characters are defined more by who they are than by what they own.) You could also make the enchantments only last for X time units of gameplay, create methods of disenchanting objects held by foes, etc.

There's an obvious tradeoff here-- no one will use the skills if you have to spend an hour to get a small perk that lasts two hours, or if any doofus can cast 'disenchant' on you and ruin everything you've worked on. But ultimately you want to encourage your players to be dynamic and interact, and many crafting systems work opposite to this.
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Molly O'Hara

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

shasarak Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 8:58 am:
Once you've figured out all these possibilities you could then turn the crafting of a powerful weapon into a highly complex quest in its own right - collecting magical ingredients, tracking down the ancient swordmaster who can tell you the secret, finding the right sort of clay to encase the blade in as it cools, etc. etc.

The quality of a crafted sword would then depend not merely on the level of crafting skill, but on how much time and effort the crafter was prepared to spend gathering ingredients.

I like most of your ideas, and some of them are already incorporated in our crafting system. It's planned as a pretty complex system, with 7 different Main Crafts, based on what material you work on (from textileworker to metalworker).

All the crafts will interact and be dependant on the others, meaning that the Weaponsmith for example would have to buy the material for his sword hilt from a Woodworker, for the pommel from a Stoneworker, Jeweller or Glassworker, and the leather string to wrap around the hilt for a better grip from a Leatherworker. The blade he could either forge himself from different kinds of alloys, (each giving different properties to the weapon), or he could buy a glass blade, made from a particularly tough glassmetal, (the ingredients for which will be a bit hard to find).

They have to mine to get the different metal ore for the alloys, skin animals and process hides to make the leather string, seek out and cut down trees to get the different kinds of wood for the hilts, quarry or search for jewels for the pommel etc.

The ultimate quality of the weapon would basically depend on the crafter's amount of skill, the material of both the blade, hilt and pommel, and also on things like sharpening, honing and decorating the weapon - and a small random element.

This all means that forging a sword isn't just a matter of typing in a few commands and then just listen to the echoes; they need to actively seek out or buy the parts and materials needed. Some of these things will be rare and hard to find. They could of course also pay someone else to do part of the grunt work, but that still means that interacting with other players is necessary to get the job done, (which I think is a good thing for several reasons).

Each of the crafts is set up in a similar way; none of them works on its own, you always need to buy either raw material or tools from other crafters. No player will be allowed to learn more than one craft. There are also quests planned to seek out different masters to learn the skills from, and to improve them.

But even if this concept for crafting has large elements of exploring, questing and trading built into the system, there still will be balance issues, and as complex as the skills themselves are to script, I think balancing the end products will be the hardest task of all.

After all we don't want to upset a balance that has been established during a long period with this new feature. And, players being what they are; unless at least some of the end products are pretty good, I doubt many players will make the effort to use the feature we are putting so much work into...

I think a possible solution would be to put some kind of timer on the crafted items, like we already do with artifacts and tinkered or poisoned weapons. It could even be part of the craft to repair weapon and armour that took damage from battle. It makes sense that weapons and armour could be damaged or destroyed. But up till now we haven't worked much with wear and tear, and I am told most players hate it almost as much as Rent.

Does anyone have an input on this?
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2005 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hate 'condition' MORE than rent!! Crying or Very sad

I think if you make the crafted weapons and armor immune to enchantment you'll have a few points to play with, regarding game balance.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2005 8:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Molly O'Hara wrote:
But up till now we haven't worked much with wear and tear, and I am told most players hate it almost as much as Rent.

It depends on the investment and context. If you have an achievement MUD, and the ability and effeciency of a character depends highly on equipment then I suggest you steer away from durability. However, if equipment isn't what makes a character powerful (which is rare, these days), then durability isn't as big of an issue. This is all a mute point for roleplaying MUDs. The players probably wouldn't care too much about how powerful their characters are, but rather, the role they play. They'd hopefully see the wear and tear as an opportunity for a different experience - for example, interacting with a smith. Of course, there is an annoyance factor to all this, so you can't make it interefere too much with normal gameplay - but as long as it provides a different experience now and then, there isn't a problem with it.

The Cathyle Project takes place in a low-fantasy setting with combat not nearly as prevelent as it is in most MUDs. So durability is certainly not much of a problem in such a setting - a character's effectiveness is dependent mostly on character skill (very little rests on player skill, but you can't be dormant). It's even less of a problem since we're designing from the ground up to discourage rollplaying and encourage roleplaying - but even if this were the reverse, I don't believe the players would have much a problem with durability.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think different locations should have different weight allowances depending on strength. Have a max weight per character based on race/strength. Obviously a giant with a strength of 15 will be able to carry more then a dwarf with a strength of 15 no? So make each of the locations be able to hold a percentage of this total weight allowance. Allow some locations to have the ability to wear more then others.
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